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You’re about to read; Christie 50 SUPERIOR  life sayings…. Let’s go there

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1. Some people have to leave your life for  you to manifest your CALLING.  –Christie Titus

2. Telling people their true reality can make them despise you.

3. You will only appreciate quotes that comfort your state of mind and compliment your lifestyle. -Christie Titus

4. It’s normal to wish people you LOVE have the qualities you admire in others.
-Christie Titus

5. Too many times you’ll realize perfect alternatives /measures to solve an already resolve problem.

6. It’s normal to make people like you all the time but it’s exceptional to let it occur naturally

7. Nobody wants to chill with losers
8.Blaming people too much will make you forget you deserve some blame

9. When someone reminds you of your Past remind him is not GOD

10. Situations, challenges’ will force you to let go people you won’t want to let go normally. -Christie Titus

11. You’re different from others that’s the difference

12. Some people will never love has expected because they’ve been heartbroken and don’t even know when someone really loves them

13. Help others if you can, don’t let others’ opinion jeopardize your sense of giving.

14. You realize as the day goes by you’ll lose interest in the important things you used to value.

15. Focus on things you can control.

16. Nothing can underestimate the power of a kind person.

17.Some Life reality you experience can make you counter your positivity

18. Nobody does a business better like the owner.

19. People that leave your life left because they’ve exhausts their duration and REASON of STAY in your life.

20. No human can take what the didn’t give to you.

21. Know that even an UNDERSTANDING heart doesn’t understand everything.

22. It’s Normal to be a Strong HUMAN and still freak out SOMETIMES

23. Being LONELY doesn’t mean you should LOWER your STANDARD.

24. Being a good person doesn’t mean you’re perfect, don’t strive to impress

25. They people you think you need might be the ones you don’t really NEED.…-sayings-in-life/


26. Most times the people that always think you can’t do without THEM is the more reason you WORK smart to prove them wrong.

26. Never forget to pray, to fall in love with people that will fall in love with you too.

27. It’s difficult to be KIND, when someone shows kindness appreciate it.

28. What truly matters differ per person.

29. It’s normal for you to be attracted to people that ignore you and ANNOYED by the ones that care too much for you.

30. Nobody will help you forever.

31. Don’t expect everyone to act in a particular way.

32. Some humans are irreplaceable like the things the did for you, no one can ever do it like they did. the experience you had with them you can’t have it else way.

33. Not everyone you pray for, care for, love, wish them well, support, is doing the same for you.

34. The people that leave you were supposed to leave you, those that hurt you were supposed to hurt you, those that disappointed you were supposed to disappoint YOU. for you to manifest your REALNESS.

35. Sometimes is best you grow to UNDERSTAND why people hurt you instead of blaming or hurting them back.

36. Sometimes you don’t even know you’re strong because you don’t utilize your inner strength.

37. People will really care for you when they’re ready to USE you.

38. It’s normal for some days to be boring, learn to tame it.

39. It’s normal for people with a bad attitude to believe it the right attitude.

40. Broke, Selfish people will never understand any agreement that has to do with MONEY.

41. Every one has a special love interest when a love song is played

42. When you get over an Ex you’ll realize the red flags you ignored just to LOVE.

43. Your reality is different from every other person. Stop trying to be like someone else.

44. Some humans are naturally lucky, some of us need to pray and pray to get everything we want.

45. Is never too LATE to be HAPPY.

46. The people you LOVE will piss you off more.

47. If you’ve to FAKE it Till you make it, FAKE it base on your budget.

48. You’ll not know a solution to a problem until your FACE with SOLVING it.

49. There’s nothing too BIG that GOD cannot do, stop wishing and start doing.

50. No matter how bad you’re, there’s friend that will stick to you and love you just like that.

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