Do you want to live a simple happy life?Then this is for you; 8 great ways to living a simple life.


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Life can be everything you want and anything you don’t want. So disorganize, overwhelming and complex depending on how you commit to living everyday.

Living a simple life centers on how satisfied you’re with the less or more things you’ve and appreciating every moment of living. 8 great ways to living a simple life can’t be more BETTER than these below;

1. Be mindful of people’s Opinion;

People have their opinions about you, ranging from how you look like, to how you speak, your job description, and everything about you.

People’s opinion sometimes comes in hate speech, criticizing you and so on. This can be toxic to your mind and it’s hurt alot.

Take the lessons from their opinion and move on, because this set of people will never stop existing, and their opinion most times  leads to your daily extra strength and determination to be better than what their opinion imagine you to be.



it’s very simple to be overburden in life, with every thing being unsual in the world today, all you want to do is survive.

When surviving spare minutes or hours, maybe a day to relief yourself from all the stress, burdens, struggle, mistakes, disappointment and so on. Ignore any plans, meetings and give that innocent body of yours peace in resting.

Just one day can not deprive you of anything but reduce the complexity of your headache.

Try a mental, physical kind of rest, such that whenever the urge to do or think anything comes,  you redirect the urge to another day because you need to relax, rest and experiment what it feels like to take a break from all your troubles.

But if the urge to distract your rest persist strongly you’ll have to pen it down to think about  another day.

3. Work;

There’s nothing sweet like Work having self-made cash. So Work smart to earn, you can flag being busy all day long and you’re not productive. work to save no matter how small the savings.

when your paycheck doesn’t measure  to your standard, but it’s your only means of survival, hang in there, and be diligent at your work, until you can save enough to Start a little business, invest in your skill or till other cool opportunity pop in later.


4. Stay Grateful;

Know that were You’re, what you own is another person exact wish.

There’s no life span bill and that’s a singular privilege, the sand you match on, and  everything you’re this moment, all you’ve got, is more than enough reason to be grateful.


5. Finances;

Small or big income, say no to unnecessary spending, go for what you need not want, live your life base on your standard and not to impress other people’s expectation of you, cut your coat according to your size,  Because at last you’ll be alone to deal with you being broke.

Learn to manage well, avoid comparing, don’t try to have what others have or do what others do.

Don’t try to measure your lifestyle with friends, or social media influencer lifestyle, it won’t end well with your financial stability. Be contented with what you own.


6. Goals setting;

Assign a you and a quiet moment to assess your mind, review every word you pen, set goals and strategy to accomplish your set goals one at a time with your full attention.


7. Surrender to GOD;

This is too cool to read but practicing what you’ve read is the main deal.

If you still find it difficult to live a simple life after reading this article, the surest part will be to surrender to GOD to guide you through.

Proverb 15:16  A simple life in the Fear-of-God is better than a rich life with a ton of headaches. 

1 Timothy 6:6-7But Godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.”


8. Find happiness in simple things;

Venture into your hobbies, do things that give you genuine happiness, eat what you like, learn new things, practice forgiveness and sincerity, let go of things you can’t control and appreciate people effort when necessary.

Spend time with your love ones, family friends, lover they’re important part of your life, and they’ll always be there when no one else will.



8 great ways to living a simple life

I hope you enjoyed reading this article?



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