Mental Health




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1. Be grateful for today

2. Everyday of your LIFE is your experience and reality

3. There’s power in saying a grateful word of prayer everyday

4. Cut your expenses and grow your income

5. It’s difficult, but it’s achievable

6. Frustration will make you THINK you don’t deserve what you wish for

7. Don’t be tired of trying to overcome your trial season

8. While Exploring your TALENT, you’ll look like an idiot to THEM until your dream comes true

9. The urge will come, but avoid being  jealous of others’ success.

10.You  don’t have to be good at everything you do

11. It’s okay if you’re worried, but dwelling in it wouldn’t make you a warrior

12.  Thinking is good, but reasoning is better

13. Lack of money underestimates a MAN RESPONSIBILITIES and makes him incapacitated.

14. Being friendly doesn’t mean you can be friends with Everyone

15. Be handsome or beautiful, it won’t estimate how successful you’ll become

16. Smile for no reason and you’ll smile for every season

17. Never tell your debtor you’ve another debtor

18. Do your BEST it will beat the rest.

19. Work hard but smarter, they will Google  your breakthrough.

20. Your MENTOR has a mentor

21. Your TALENTS might be the only capital you need to boss up

22. Your IMPERFECTIONS will perfect you

23. Things have a way of working for different people differently

24. Start trying to do what you wish you could do

25. Never rely on ONE source of income



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